TrueNAS is Awesome

My experience migrating my home lab from Windows Server to TrueNAS

Photo by Jordan Harrison on Unsplash

Using a Domain Name with Subdomains

Setting Up Plex

TrueNAS Plugins Screen
Plex Jail Configuration
TrueNAS Jail Details — Get the Jail’s IP Address
Access your Jail via a shell.
chown -R plex /plex-content
*/5 * * * * chown -R plex /plex-content >/dev/null 2>&1

Setting Up Nextcloud

Create a new Virtual Machine
Configuring your VM operating system.
Configure your VM’s virtual hardware.
Configure your VM’s virtual disk.
Upload the Ubuntu ISO to use as the installation media.
Open a VNC terminal.
Pick the Nextcloud Snap package here.

Wrapping Up

Software engineer, network admin, online privacy and security advocate.

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